Coaching is an unregulated business so anyone can be a coach. You hear these questions in the coaching world; are there too many coaches? How do you get clients?

When I started some years ago, there may not have been as many coaches, as today, however, the question of how do you get clients was still a daunting one, but I really wanted to coach, so I hung in and stayed focused, often coaching for free to gain more experience in hope that the client would offer to stay on for more sessions, which hardly ever happens when you’re starting out, regardless of your certified qualifications, you don’t really have full confidence or you don’t know how to ask people to work with you.

The other obvious thing like most coaches starting out, although they teach you not to focus on the money and to be present and focused on how you can help someone, that advice goes out the door, when you need the money, and it’s because of that, that many give up coaching, after a certain period of starvation.  

It’s only from experience and continued coaching that you stop thinking about the money and start thinking about the client.

It took me some time to come to terms with not thinking about the money when I was giving free trial sessions and then something finally happened when money was not in the way, I became a better coach and people were getting better results. 

When the coach is thinking about the money, he cannot give 100% to the client and in some way, the client feels that desperate energy from the coach and is less empowered after the session.

On the other hand, if the coach has a zero money agenda and can create the impact that is needed in a coaching session, it makes a huge difference to the client, the coach doesn’t need to think about money, because impactful coaching results, lead to paying clients.  

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