Don’t Settle For Less

Believe in yourself more often.

There is no need in feeling good in small bursts, what are your fears? What is stopping you and what are you afraid of? Why are you limiting yourself, why are you settling for less?

As a confidence and career coach, I keep coming across this many times, people settling for less.

You have to start believing in your own potential, staying in the feeling of that possibility, because it’s all about connecting to that feeling of what it would be like to have or be what you want and not settling for less, whether it’s a career, a relationship or a business.

Kids do this really well, we lose the natural touch as we become older, though we never lose the ability to tap into it. We block those feelings as adult life takes over, yet they are always there to tap into, they never disappear, so get excited, be a kid again, it’s a good start!

You can work as hard as you like, if you don’t have that feeling of genuine belief, confidence and excitement and expect the best outcome, it won’t happen.

The people that get where they want to go, don’t do it only through hard work, they feel and believe their vision, with laser beam certainty. They see it before it comes into reality…..

It’s about experiencing that feeling as though it’s already here and staying in that feeling, so it becomes a habit and you can stay in that feeling longer each time. Keep practising, get excited about it.

That feeling is what will create your connection to what you want.
Without that feeling you can’t ignite that energy, you can’t connect to what you want.

Commit to this, create that energy, align to that feeling of what you want and you will ignite the energy that will take you there.

You can’t fake this energy, you need to align with the feeling as though what you want is already yours, it already exists.

Energy can’t disappear, if you had it as a kid, then it’s still there…..tap into it.

Leon Kammer is a Confidence and Communication Coach

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