Rewire Your Belief System 

When we are kids, we are not aware of our emotional needs, we accept our environment as it is, because we are born into it and don’t know any other way.

So we accept what we are given emotionally and move into adulthood with what we have and know, becoming hard-wired with that same emotional belief system and the same values that we experienced as kids, only to find out as adults, that we are not fulfilled and often don’t know why.

It’s only when we see our coaches or therapists that it’s brought to our attention, that we don’t love ourselves enough, or we lack self-worth, perhaps self-confidence, or a number of things that cause us to live an unfulfilled life, not reaching the heights that we could have and not living our full potential, blocked by the hard wiring of negative emotions that we grew up with. 

That hard-wired belief system becomes the pattern for our lives, that we carry for years, it becomes our identity and how we operate and accept life.  

But if this is only a belief system that we carry from our childhood then we can change that belief system to anything we want, we can unravel that hard wiring and believe something else.

If it means giving ourselves the gifts that we were not given as kids, then we have to give ourselves those gifts to fill the void that needs to be filled, like self-love, self-recognition, and recognising our values and our qualities.

Giving ourselves these gifts consciously on a daily basis, whether we write them down or meditate on them will change that hard-wired belief system and rewire our beliefs with thoughts that inspire us and allow us to become the best version of ourselves by unblocking those negative beliefs that we have been carrying around and living with for years.

The brain does not differentiate between negative or positive thoughts, which means that whatever we feed our brain on a constant basis is what is then stored in our subconscious mind and we begin to operate in that belief system.

The subconscious mind can store our new belief patterns because it operates on what we feed it, so feeling good about who we are is nothing more than feeding the mind with good feelings. 

It doesn’t matter how you create good feelings, but feeling good is a great start in creating a new belief system.

You can’t feel negative and expect to change your belief system, so start the process by doing whatever it takes to feel good and then you can really change anything!

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