I’m Stuck

As a confidence coach, I keep hearing the words “I’m Stuck” more and more, people in fear of moving forward seems more evident, a continuation of the fear that society has lived with in the last couple of years and with the media’s help, in blowing that fear out of proportion, people feel stuck!

It’s not like the fear is now over, it’s taken a social turn, increasing insecure behavioural patterns and casting a negative hangover on society, because uncertainty is still in the air and if it’s not fear of the pandemic, it’s now become a fearful and freedom-less existence.

When that happens, people don’t move forward as readily, as creatively or as joyfully, which affects their lives, their decisions and their growth, they turn inwards and start asking, “what’s wrong with me” They don’t realize what an enormous effect that negative social energy has on their individuality and their belief system.

At the end of the day, what has occurred has resonated in leaving behind a dulled-down belief system and there is nothing wrong with the individual, he or she has bought into a feeling without even knowing it’s happening and now they are living in that feeling, but it’s only a feeling and we can all change how we feel because the way we feel is a belief system, nothing more.

We are the ones creating that belief system, we are the ones creating “any” belief system, it’s not coming from outside of us, no matter how things are out there, we can choose not to be affected by them. The situation doesn’t change, but how we react to the situation can change.

Once we become aware that we can change our belief system, that’s all we have to do, be aware that we can, we don’t need to do anything about it, just the awareness that you are always living your thinking can change the habit and result in more clarity.

With clarity, far more is possible, as now there are no obstacles and your mind is in a more creative state, even if nothing has changed, your belief system has and what seemed impossible while you were feeling fearful by living your thinking, creates new possibilities, infinite possibilities, because you have changed your belief system.

Everything changes once you realize that you actually have full control of your feelings, knowing that all your feelings are coming from you, not from anywhere else.

At first, there are a lot of “but’s” related to this, though in actual fact it’s more simple than we think to be the in charge of our thoughts because thoughts can be our enemy or our friend, we can choose them any way we please and paint them as big, as bright and as positive as we want to.

Let’s face it, there’s no benefit in being stuck, it stops you from reaching your potential, on every level and takes away your freedom, whereas being aware that the feeling of being stuck is your own belief system, opens many more doors and gives you more clarity and when you can achieve clarity without worry or fears, your life changes.

Nothing happens to you, everything happens from you.

Leon Kammer is a Confidence and Communication Coach

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