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To be considered and heard you need Confidence and Effective Communication and this applies to almost everything you do in life


As a confidence coach, I support my clients by guiding them through a process of self-reflection, identifying limiting beliefs, and developing new empowering beliefs, helping  them recognise and challenge negative thought patterns, build self-awareness, and develop strategies to boost their self-esteem and confidence.
Leadership skills can also play a crucial role in personal growth and success. By assisting my clients in developing their leadership abilities, I help them become more effective in various aspects of their lives, such as relationships, career, and personal goals.
During each coaching session, we  explore techniques such as positive affirmations, visualisation, goal-setting, mindfulness, and effective communication.


Confidence & Communication

We all need it.

Your skills, your education, and your CV are not enough.

Be coached to gain more confidence to communicate effectively, in any area where you need to have more credibility. Confidence and Communication are the key and often stand way above anything else.

  • Gaining confidence
  • Effective communication
  • Motivation
  • Leadership 

Schedule a Meeting

Schedule a conversation with me to explore in which area you would like to improve.

I call this first conversation a chemistry session, where we discover whether we are a good fit before we move forward in creating the change. 

What people are saying..

Zac Hartnell - Financial Services

My name is Zac Hartnell and I work in financial services. I had been struggling with my self-belief for a long time until I met Leon. I appreciated his direct character and his ability to understand people. When Leon asked me to do a trial coaching session, I did not think I needed it, but was happy to try. Over a year later of working with Leon, I’m having biweekly sessions as I find that he can provide meaningful insight into ‘day to day’ issues I encounter, rather than just for the major life events. I find the sessions insightful and would recommend him to anybody looking to grow as a character and leader.

John Gilmore - Cyber Security Specialist

I embarked on a transformative journey with Leon at the beginning of this year, and the impact has been nothing short of remarkable. His guidance and unwavering support have brought about significant improvements in nearly every aspect of my life. Through his coaching, I found the strength to navigate the challenging choppy waters of a long-term relationship breakup, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Mary Hall

Leon’s sessions are energetic, fun and creative and I have found the process incredibly interesting. His coaching techniques have been transformative but in a gentle way that can be integrated in to daily life. Fully recommend it.

Alessandro Marotto

Leon has helped overcoming scarcity, embrace abundance and mental strength. During our first session he was already able to unpack my issues; which were mainly around lack of self love. After our fourth session I could already see my confidence growing, but also I learned to love myself more. I really respect Leon's craft and admire him at a human level.

Melanie Hutton - Founder Pamper Pages

I can’t recommend Leon enough!

He has a great sense of humour and a warm personality that instantly makes you feel relaxed.

My insecurities were overshadowing my thought process and definitely stopping me from moving forward. During our session, Leon managed to elevate me to such a level that I am full of self love and confidence.

Being insecure, having self doubt and not loving myself completely just isn’t an option anymore; all thanks to Leon and is his incredible coaching.

David Molyneaux - Creative Director at Three Headed Eagle Ltd

Leon has a great ability to bring out and encourage confidence. His past experience in business, which he successfully built in different sectors, has enabled him to coach with an experience of well managed human engagement.

Good business is built on good relationships - which Leon has mastered - as he demonstrates how to create transformational rather than transactional exchanges between people that taps into a fundamental desire to be appreciated.

Sara Politi
Sarah Politi - Web Developer

Love Leon’s energy, his sense of humour, and his positive, uplifting life attitude. What differentiates him from other coaches is that he truly cares. An amazing coach, an amazing human being. Highly recommended!

Sonia Gojkovic - Holistic Health Coach

I was offered my dream job and since i have not been working in corporate environment for some time i struggled with confidence and self doubt. Leon really helped me get to the core of who I am and where I want to get to and how. In a session he helped me make a powerful mindset shift.

It was so profound that i immediately felt at ease to proceed further in communication with the company i was having an interview with.

Leon is charismatic and creative, and he thinks outside the box. He helped me to see my qualities where i couldn.t I now feel confident in my worth. I feel elevated on every level. I rediscovered my fight, my fire and my determination.

Leon has my highest recommendation for the position of a confidence coach, and I look forward to learning more about the accomplishments that lie in his professional future

Karin E. - Senior Consultant

Confidence and Communications Coach Extraordinaire - Leon keeps it real, he recently guided me through a very tricky time, his advice and teachings were excellent and all resulted in a great outcome.

Ari Politi - Musician/Composer

Great coach, highly recommended!

Helen Leadbetter - Soul Plan Practitioner

Leon is a highly effective communicator with bundles of positive energy. He asks all the right questions to lead you to find your own solutions.

He’s dynamic and he leaves you feeling like you’ve hit the jackpot in terms of personal breakthrough after a session with him. I highly recommend him for coaching, mentoring, or motivational speaking.

Whatever service he’s offering it will be a high quality one.

Cherie Hedge Testimonial
Cherie Hedge - Business Owner

I would highly recommend Leon as a coach. I love his easy-going attitude to life that strikes a powerful balance between empathy and intention.

He has an excellent ability to listen and his experience of life means he finds it easy to identify the underlying key issues that need addressing. After talking to Leon, I always feel a definite shift in my consciousness and he always adds value to what I’m thinking.

His positive attitude as well as offering proactive, practical tools is something I appreciate. Leon is definitely a bonus in anyone’s life

Kez Anderson Testimonial
Kez Anderson - Actress

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Leon through a very good mutual friend. At this time I was struggling to come to terms with (and support) my sister in her journey with terminal breast cancer whilst also progress my acting career.

Leon’s guidance and coaching were the perfect support for me at a time where anxiety and hopelessness were threatening to take over my life and grind me to a halt.

He helped me to see situations, the circumstances, and my feelings in a new light. He gave me empowering tools to use in my life to help me navigate both obstacles and blessings with ease rather than increased resistance.

Thank you for your support Leon, I very much appreciate it and I recommend your excellent services to all.

Dr Michael Wetzler - MD

I am a doctor who has had various challenges in my life. I have had a good number of coaching sessions with Leon Kammer. I heartily support his work. I felt really listened to, supported, and encouraged.

Leon asks pointed questions that direct one into the area where the challenges and indeed the solutions lie.

He sees the good in us, when we do not always see it in ourselves, and reminds us to listen to that part and not the shadow that distracts us from our true nature and path.

Enjoy your life journey. Leon will help you do so if you don’t now, and multiply that joy if you already have a glimpse of it.

Emilio Bravo Testimonial
Emilio Bravo - CEO

My name is Emilio Bravo and I am an inventor, a businessman, and an entrepreneur. Coaching for me is all about the coach and adapting to each and every individual.

Leon Kammer is that coach, he adapts very quickly to every personality, to every individual's particular situation and needs. He is the coach that has inspired me the most, that gives me the courage to achieve my goals in life, and continuously support me in becoming my better me.

Sergio Lieto Testimonial
Sergio Lieto - Business Consultant

My name is Sergio Lieto, I'm a business consultant specializing in Italian food and beverage, with offices in central London. My work brings me in contact with large multinationals. I have been a client of Leon Kammer several times in the past, as no matter how brilliant you may be, you need to "recharge" by listening to Leon's words and strategies in order to clean your mind get equipped with new tools, and go back to work.

Leon’s coaching has worked for me many times and it has become a proven practice in my line of work

Susanna Jeng Testimonial
Susannah Jeng - Business Owner

Leon is an amazing coach. He is very empathetic and professional. My sessions with him helped me truly move forward with life. He has a versatile toolbox that can help anyone gain clarity, make great changes, and help create the next steps.

I enjoyed working with him and look forward to continuing to put everything I learned into practice! If you are considering getting a coach, just get in touch with Leon and start a conversation. That conversation can change your life.

Anna Catarina Florio Testimonial
Anna Caterina Florio - Author

Engaging Leon as my business and sales coach has been one of the best investments I have ever made!

I originally asked him to be my coach as I wanted to improve my confidence in selling in a smoother way, without pushing or feeling out of alignment. Instead of giving me the usual techniques and coaching speech,

Leon helped me to delve deep into why I was feeling uncomfortable and what were the real blocks I had created against receiving what was rightfully mine.

Leon's energy is calm and focused, his knowledge of human behavior and what really makes people move is second to none; his soulfulness inspires me and warms my heart at the same time.

I wholeheartedly recommend him as a transformational coach as well as a sales & business coach!

for things to change, first you must change. for things to get better, first you must get better

Areas I Work In

Helping you to gain clarity and focus on goals and objectives that will change your life and create better business and working relationships.

Gaining new tools and confidence to unblock limitations and empower you and your communication with others.
Energising you and changing the way you think about yourself, pushing you to reach your desired goals.

Supporting you in changing your self-beliefs and thoughts that keep you blocked in achieving more than you thought possible

Training to take control of your emotions and have the courage, strength and confidence no matter what the challenges are

Leon kammer

Confidence Coaching London


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